Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The EU and the Euro

Which will end first?
The EU or the Euro?
The EU is the union of countries that send their representatives to the Brussels’ club MED, to measure the dogs tail and care for the exclusivity of Nutella, but do not discuss about futilities like bombing Libya or African migrants, or the Mafia in Europe.
The Euro is a partially unique currency (just for 17 countries out of 27).
It should represent the value of different economies, with different fiscal laws, GDP and public debts that little have in common.
The EU and the Euro have in common the fact that they are both Virtual, they are both a dream.
They exist in the eyes of the beholders.
Their main problem is that nobody believes in dreams anymore.
We will have the collapse of both the moment Merkel and Sarkozy will agree about the square meters of Europe they will be able to get.
The divorce attorneys, the EB and the IMF are already working at it, with the good help of the rating agencies.
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