Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The right marketing is also using the right tools

I think the best way to promote the products of a company is by promoting the company.
I mean, if you want your products to be trusted or selected or chosen, they need to be backed by a trustable, high quality, reliable company.
First you must analyze the message you want to send your customers.
If you produce good items and you sell them at a competitive price you have to point out that, choosing the right logo, the right message and if you present them in a show, why not with the right trade show flooring?
May be adding a message at the end of it?
Something like we sell quality and it comes cheap...
But if you sell quality goods at a quality price (people know that high quality doesn’t come cheap) you could use a nice trade show carpet to guide the customers to your booth.
That usually adds a nice touch to your show.
Of course you can have something similar for your office or store, and especially if you have more than one the right logo mats can be used to give a touch of continuity to your business image.
If the show is an outdoor event the right thing is usually a logo canopy, something where you can print and display your logo, may be with the right message, describing what you sell in the best and catching way.
Colors are very important, because colors send the message and describe the product.
Marketing is a science, an important one.
How many products are failures, just because they were not able to marketing them in the right way?
And how many, on the contrary, are very successful, thanks to the right marketing?
At the end of the day, attracting a lot of customers also decides if you are successful or not.
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