Friday, December 09, 2011

What is the worst of worst?

It is having nothing, not even hopes to be able to have a future.
All you have is a past, and sometimes you would like to be able to forget that also, because its memory is more a pain than a sorrow.
In one thing this times are different from what came before: young and old feel the same.
Young people and old people do not have a present and won´t most likely have a future.
If what is gone was nothing else than gone I could say that, as a boomer I had a better life than my children.
I was born after the war, there was almost nothing and the almost was so expensive and looked so unreachable that you couldn´t even see it.
But we had hopes and dreams, we believed in justice, in law, in our nation, in our parents, in our friends, we believed in life.
And when you believe in life, living is so beautiful.
We had an overdose of life and hope.
We went to sleep dreaming that the morrow was going to be a brighter day, that if you worked hard, you could get everything, be everybody, live the way you liked.
Many of us didn´t have what they wanted, but it didn´t matter, the dream and the hope was still there.
But today, today, there is no present and you do not even want to think what the future will be.
Nobody knows what it will be, but everybody knows it will not be something we like.
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