Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today´s movies

"Hollywood has forgotten how to do the one thing that made the American movie industry great: to tell a story."JK
I guess that it simply doesn’t tell the story, because today’s people do not want the story anymore.
It’s like being used to buy frozen food, ready made, and you do not know that food can be cooked too.
Some years ago I had the visit of my cousin’s daughter from San Francisco.
She described me as an old style lady that "even cooks for her dog..." because I fed my poodle with meat and rice instead of opening a can of dog food...
Those are today’s Hollywood customers, they do not read, they do not listen, they look.
They cannot even write anymore "how r you2day?"
We wrote letters, today they write text messages, using one finger.
When they go to "see" a movie they want to have a short message, with a lot of colors and music and the right effects.
I do not like today’s movies.
I found most of them naive and boring.
But I am the lady that even cooks for her dog...
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