Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sex Outsourcing

One bad side (but it can also be a good one, it depends from where you look at it) of the Internet has been a direct consequence of its global interaction.

That is, allowing to work in India and sell your job in USA or wherever is an Internet connection.
That is what they call outsourcing.

But this is just the beginning.
The Internet, invented to connect the World, will do much more than that.
Will change the world society to its deepest roots.
Allowing verybody to be connected, will allow everybody to share the production and the profits of the economical markets.

It began with "virtual products" such as software, music, videos.
It will follow with the rest.

Sex is going to be by far the most rewarding field for investments in the near future.
It already has generated huge revenues with pictures and selling of videos.
Improving technologies will allow live streaming or file broadcasting of high quality videos, which of course will be played or registered where the profits can be closer to the revenues, that is to say, where the cost of production is lower.

We will see more and more outsourcing of sex in places like East Europe, where taxes and Vat are lower or not existent.
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