Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Content is NOT king (but could be)

"Unfortunately for these companies, content is not the key. Content certainly has all the glamour.
What content does not have is money. This might seem absurd. "

It seems because it is.
The Internet is the Network of networks and certainly IS the Network.
But not because it is mere "dumb pipes", but because its peculiarity is in the features it offers.

Radio, TV, Satellite have been for decades the WAY to spread content, the Mass Market content.
They were great and in some ways the precursors of the Internet.
But we have gone far from then.
Yes the Internet can be seen and used as a good copy of TV, a copy with a better footprint.
But limiting it to that is throwing away the best of it.
"The annual movie theater ticket sales in the U.S. are well under $10 billion. The telephone industry collects that much money every two weeks! Those "commodity pipelines" attract much more spending than the glamorous "content."
Because the Internet is the TWO WAY network, the one in which the consumer can be also the producer.
Do you know why the telephone industry IS more attractive than movies or TV?
Because people can deliver their own content, in a few words, people can talk about themselves.
Which is by far the most attractive past time for every individual.
It has nothing to do with communications or relationship.
It is wrong to say ours is the "relationships age".
The fact that people use a lot cell phones, phones, internet chats, has nothing to do with relationship.
Ours is the age in which people can more effectively and in many ways talk about themselves.
The success of sites like MySpace is the proof of it.
They are nothing more than a collection of millions of web pages .
It is the Wep page of the web pages, in which everybody can promote its own, he can promote and show himself.
In fact the most catching feature is "Add this or that as a friend..."

Yes, you are right, who needs a copy of TV? On the Internet?(worse on a cell phone)
Everybody has a TV set and undoubtedly it is much cheaper to broadcast a program or a movie from a satellite, and the output is, at least for the moment, a much better quality than any Internet compression.
Why wasting bandwidth for something like that?
Let's use the Internet for the kind of content it is more congenial.
Let the Internet be the Network of networks, the broadcasting mean of the billions of broadcasters: ourselves...
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