Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Pellet business

I live in an old, huge house.
It is more a building than a house.
It is three stories and 500 square meters.
I love it in Summer and hate it in Winter.
Because in Summer you can always choose between melting on the last floor and cooling down in the cellar, while in Winter it is icy cold on all the three floors (including the fourth which is the cellar).

We have a central gas heating which is getting so dearly expensive that the moment you switch it on is already a few minutes too late for shutting it down completely.
That is, there is the moment you feel so desperately cold that you forget the price, but as soon as your limbs get warmer you remember the last bill and you decide that a little bit of cold never killed anybody and certainly it won't kill you.

They said Pellets heating is much cheaper also because the State, which is always late when it comes to progress, hasn't realized yet the growing number of users.
So, said and done.
On Monday we'll get a brand new pellet stove and this morning we got 150 bags of 15 Kg of nice, good smelling pellet.

It already began to warm us.
Those 150 bags were delivered on the first floor, while the stove will be active on the last floor.
The reason being that this is "just" mt.2,70 ceiling compared to the mt.3,70 of the other two floors and so easier to warm.
So, the 150 bags, each of 15 Kg. have to be moved up three floors, 34 steps for floor, that makes 74 steps, easier to say than to do.
After the first 17 you already feel much warmer, when you reach the top you are terribly hot.
They were right, this pellet business will keep us comfortably warm...
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