Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sex and DIY

This seemingly most immutable of all social habits changes too, and changes fast.
And, no doubt, things will go on changing.
I do not know for certain, but I feel sure that AI "Artificial Insemination" was invented by a man as labour-saving device.
Knowing certain people's character, and their marked lack of enthusiasm in this particular field, I am convinced that AI will grow immensely popular in no time and that soon it will be the rule rather than the exception.
I foresee the time, not in the distant future, either, when a shy young man will be asked at a party:
"How are you old man? And how's your wife?
Have you AI-ed any more family lately?
What is going to be this time: a boy or a girl?"
And the bashful young man will blush and reply:
"I can't be sure...You see, we don't AI our children.
We are fond of DIY.
We normally use the Internet to solve all our daily problems, we find beautiful hints at home repairs
They include home repair, DIY, remodeling, home makeover (but not DIY sex).
But for this particular matter, we didn’t even need the Internet.
Anyway, if I had to give them a suggestion on future possibilities, THEN I would really invite them to think about it.
A company HAS to program its business plan based on the future development of society and this special field SHOULD'T be overlooked...
They could begin with manuals "How to reproduce yourself in the natural way..."

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