Saturday, October 21, 2006

The humanization of technology.

The worker of the industrial revolution has participated in the economic progress of capitalistic society, profited from it, and, indeed has a great deal more to loose than his chains.
The social machine works more efficiently if individuals are cut down to purely quantifiable units.
In order to reach this result men must be de-individualized and taught to find their identity in the corporation rather than in themselves.
To enhance the company's efficiency may mean endanger feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and frustration in the employees which may lead to either indifference or hostility.
The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people.
A high standard of living doesn't make people happier, on the contrary, makes them passive, depersonalized and manipulated.

This modern society gave birth not only to goods, but to expectations and needs as well.
Man has always had needs, but they came from his inside, now they are created from the outside.
"If you want to be the best, you must have the most."
Man sees himself not for what he is, but for what he has.

The increasing dissatisfaction with our present way of life, its passiveness and silent boredom, its lack of privacy and its depersonalisation and the longing for a joyful, meaningful existence, which answers those specific needs of man, which he has developed in the last few thousand years of his history and which make him different from the animal as well as from the computer.

This tendency is all the stronger because the different part of the population has already tested full material satisfaction and has found out that the consumer's paradise does not deliver the happiness it promised.
The poor of course, have not yet had any chance to find out, except by watching the lack of joy of those who "have everything a man could want".

At the moment, one of the gravest symptoms of the American system is the fact that their economy rests upon arms production (plus maintenance of the whole defence establishment) and on the principle of maximal consumption.
They transform the individual into a total passive consumer and this deaden him, and they created a bureaucracy which makes the individual feel impotent.

Must we produce sick people in order to have a healthy economy?
Must people be passive and dependent in order to have strong and well functioning organizations?
The dehumanized society won't be the victor, the people sooner or later will fully be aware of the thread the technological world poses to man's personal and spiritual life, and they will assert their freedom by upsetting the course of this evolution.

People seek a new orientation, a new philosophy, one which is interested on the priorities of life, physically and spiritually and not on the priorities of death.
This new fact is a movement which combines the wish for profound changes in our economy and social practice with its most general form, its aim is the activation of the individual, the restoration of man's control over the social system, the humanization of technology.
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