Wednesday, November 14, 2007

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy The Newest Computer Hardware

Having the fastest, newest computer is a wonderful feeling. Even coming home with the fastest, newest computer you can possibly afford is a great feeling too. A lot of times, its also a pretty stupid thing to do.

You see when you buy the newest in computer technology, it costs big bucks to be one of the first people using it. But before you go out and pay $4,100 for a 64GB USB drive, take a look at what some other people have paid in the past for the newest technology which is basically worthless today.

$159,000 for a 1000 Word Memory of 12 Alphanumeric Characters
(The Remington Univac)

$9,995 for a 5MHZ Processor, 512KB of RAM and a 5MB Hard Drive
(The Apple Lisa)

$3,398 for 10MB of Storage and 70MS seek time
(The X Comp Hard Disk)

$3,300 for an 8 Color 13″ Display and 51KB Mini Disk Drive
(The ISC Color Terminal)

$46,500 for a 20MB Hard Drive and the RTE-IV Operating System
(The HP 1000 Model 45)

$8,499 for a 20MHZ Processor and 2MB of RAM
(The Tandy PC)

$666 for 4Kb of RAM, a Built in Keyboard and 28 Amp Power Supplies
(The Apple Micro Computer)

Although these were all at the cutting edge of computer technology when they were released, they were all worth drastically less just a short while after they came out.

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