Tuesday, November 13, 2007

All the answers at the click of the mouse

What is catching for me on the Internet is the fact that with the right tips and links I can find everything I always wanted to know, about every subject.
Universal knowledge with a few mouse's clicks.
I think that the young people of today, who grew up in the Internet world do not appreciate it as much as I do.
In my times (that are not so far anyway) when you wanted to know something agout your body or skin or body care, you didn't have many choices.
Either you were good with the medical jargon and at at your reach medical books or you had to rely on some magazine's articles that were most of the time financed by some comsmetic firm and so not too objective.
Today you find EVERYTHING and with everything I mean even more than what you want to read, orderly published in one website, with all the possible links.
For example.
Today I want to know how and when and why about Cost of Vein Removal.
And not only cost.
I want to be explained what brings me to the need of having the removal of my veins, so that I won't need the same in the future.
I want to know everything about the possible solutions of my problem, I want to decide what to do knowing what I need to know.
And possibly explained in a way that I, who am not a doctor or a specialist, can decide.
Besides the cost I want to know how long does this procedure take, its side effects,the length of the results, the recovery time, if I am covered by insurance, if I will feel pain (this IS important to me) and all the answers I can dream of.
And may be the list of the specialists close to my home...
Nothing easier. I go to the and just CLICK...
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