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Bald is handsome

Are you suffering from hair thinning or hair loss? Get over it! Life goes on!!

If you’d rather spend time and money attempting to cover up your scalp, there’s good news. Many options (some bizarre!) are available. We heartily recommend that you just get used to your protruding head like a real man (and don’t use ANY of these), but some people do insist on fighting progress…

So, Here’s What SUCKERS Have to Choose From:
(Yes, people who think bald=bad are SUCKERS.)

Apparently, thinning and losing hair can now be treated by addressing the underlying causes of this problem (if its a problem…) Modern breakthroughs that focus on how to maintain a healthy, thick and stronger head of hair provide answers if you think your thinning hair is bad news. Among these breakthroughs are:

Clinical Laser System

The latest non-surgical hair growth treatment can be done through Laser light hair loss treatment that utilizes infrared low-level cool laser light. Here comes the most powerful Low Level Laser Therapy device currently available in the market, the Sunetics Model “E” Clinical Laser system. It encourages hair to appear fuller, thicker and healthier by stimulating the red blood supply to the scalp. Stimulating the scalp and promoting blood circulation creates a healthy environment for your own hair to grow. Sunetics Model “E” Clinical Laser system is designed with 100% scalp coverage without the noise and failure-prone hood. Check how Sunetics Model “E” Clinical Laser system solves your hair loss problem on this link, .

Hair Topical Solution

Due to many factors beyond your control, you may experience thinning of your hair or baldness. These factors include over production of DHT, clogged hair follicles and harshly treated hair, and nutrient deficient hair and follicles. Minoxidil has been tested and proven to re-grow hair. CellStim-H Topical Solution has minoxidil component.

CellStim-H Topical Solution prevents hair loss and promotes hair re-growth at the top of the scalp. Notice a decrease in hair loss as little as two weeks when you use CellStim-H Topical Solution. Apply this to your scalp to stimulate hair loss and stop baldness. A 2% solution is recommended for women’s use and 5% for men. Follow this link: to get a hold on this wonderful product!

Follicle Photobio Rejuvenation (FPR)

Fight the never-ending effects of male or female pattern hair loss through the newest technology called Follicle Photobio Rejuvenation. It uses the positive effect of cold laser that increases the circulation of the blood in the roots of the hair. This cold laser also decreases swelling, and invigorates hair follicles, resulting to fuller and noticeably thicker hair. Get hold of this technology to stop hair loss through Harmonix hair clinic- Follicle Photobio Rejuvenation (FPR). Read more of the effects of Follicle Photobio Rejuvenation in this link,

Spray-On Hair

Most men and women would like an instant fuller hair on their thinning head, especially of occasions and occupations require them to. In most of our Hollywood celebrities, hair loss and thinning head is a BIG NO, NO! Advanced technology provides an instant hair for them, as it presents natural looking hair coverage. Most Hollywood celebrities use Toppik. By holding the container over your thinning head area, and shaking it gently, the microfiber hairs of Toppik perfectly blend with your natural hair through electrostatic charge. The fibers securely hold on to your natural hair that no natural forces can take them out of your head. Amazing isn’t it? Click this link, , to get instant natural looking hair.

Laser comb

A laser comb is scientifically designed for hair restoration, using an advanced technology, known as low-level laser. This device can be used at the convenience of your home. Try Hair Max Laser Comb! It has been recognized as one of the “inventions of the year” by Time Magazine. Hair Max Laser Comb uses précised components to produce a high-quality laser. With no reported side effect, get a shiny, thicker appearing hair in less than 5 to 10 weeks and have your much wanted fuller, stronger and denser hair with continuous use. Click this link to get more information on HairMax LaserComb.

Hair Growth Foam

A new Rogaine in a Foam formulation was recently introduced to the market by Pfizer and the only FDA approved topical ingredient to re-grow hair for both men and women. This is known as Rogaine Extra Strength Foam. This hair growth foam promises a no-irritation, more effective, easy and fast drying solution to your thinning hair problem. Combined with Finasteride, Rogaine is undoubtedly the solution to your hair loss problem. Study shows that Rogaine Extra Strength Foam is 85% effective compared with only 55% effectiveness of the known liquid brand. To understand the effects of this Hair growth foam better, check this link,

Therapy Spray

Folligen Solution Therapy Spray is an effective hair growth stimulant and scalp conditioner rolled in one. Miniaturization process results to hair thinning and loss and copper-peptide products like Folligen Solution Therapy Spray comes to an aid. Folligen has the same effect on hair with other copper-peptide products like Tricomin. It is known to improve your scalp and hair follicle; thus, giving you a healthier and fuller hair. What more? Folligen reduces scalp irritation due to substances for hair growth like Propecia and Rogaine. Having healthy hair is just a spray away with Folligen Solution Therapy Spray. Grab this product now through this site, .

Gel Hair Loss Solution

Nisim Stimulating Extract is an easy-to-apply light gel. It is proven to be more effective than Rogaine. This stimulating extract in gel form has active ingredients that help block the production of DHT. Nisim Stimulating Extract is clinically proven to restore growing of hair and is found to be safe for men and women. Check out how people reversed effects of hair loss and stimulated hair growth based on clinical trials by following this link, Based on the results, Nisim Stimulating Extract works wonders on your hair growth deterioration as it is the only solution that proves to neutralize DHT.

Hair Loss Support Fluid

Vitabase Hair Loss Support Fluid naturally fights hair loss. With the mix of herbs like Biotin and other supplement essential for hair growth and strength, Vitabase hair loss support fluid is what you need to control extreme falling of your hair that leads to hair loss. Biotin deficiency is linked to hair loss. Aside from Biotin, Vitabase Hair Loss Support Fluid is proven to contain Saw Palmetto that helps lessen DHT build up. Check out, to know more how this product helps you in stopping hair loss.

Laser Hair Brush

The Sunetics Laser Hair Brush was developed in the US with the same concept applied to Model E clinical laser, using the most powerful Low Level Laser for hair stimulation. Sumetic Laser Hair Brush meets the need of consumers who could not go to local clinics or could not afford treatments. With the many benefits you can get with Sunetics Laser Hair Brush, the most prominent is achieving a thicker, fuller and healthier hair by just brushing your hair ten to fifteen minutes, three times in a week. This laser hair brush is convenient for use with its cordless design to enable you to hand carry it anywhere you want. Check out more of its benefits by following this link,

Non-Surgical Hair Grafting

A strand by strand grafting that replaces your lost hair is also known as non-surgical hair grafting. This method duplicates the color and texture of your natural hair by using an identified accuracy of implanting single hair grafts into a skin like membrane that resembles your own scalp. Skyz hair care offers this promising method to those who have problems in hair loss and hair thinning.The Skyz hair care has successfully offered a permanent solution for hair loss by bridging the gap between surgical transplants and conventional hair replacement. For more information on this method, click on

Intensive Regenerating Lotion

Try, Phyto Phytocyane Revitalizing Lotion (Thinning Hair Women) for thinning hair. This intensive regenerating lotion adds volume to your hair. It is formulated with botanical active ingredients, Vitamin B and amino acids that are essential for hair growth. Phyto Phytocyane Revitalizing Lotion regenerates and tones hair bulb to stimulate hair growth. It contains grape seeds OPC that protects the root of the hair from free radicals; thus, preventing premature aging. For best result, leave the Regenerating lotion in your hair. Good thing is, it does not leave your hair greasy and what more? It facilitates great hair styling. Check out this product through this link,

Hair Stimulant

MiN New York Agent nanosome stimulant (with Minoxidil 5%) is formulated to be a better solution compared with Foam which only uses standard Minoxidil 5%. This hair stimulant makes use of nanosphere encapsulated Minoxidil 5% which brings the key ingredients much closer to the target area. Through this, the hair stimulant helps in maintaining and promoting new hair growth. MiN New York Agent nanosome stimulant (with Minoxidil 5%) is proven to reduce presence of DHT on the hair and scalp. Go to this link, , to know the price of this product.

Hair Growth Accelerator

Try a NEW hair growth accelerator! Kevis Accelerator has been released to boost the hair rejuvenation when you use hair growth products by stripping away scalp residue. Clogging of hair follicles reduces the effect of any hair growth products you are using. The residues remained in your hair hinders hair rejuvenation. Strip them away through the use of Kevis Accelerator and have the hair growth you always wanted for your thinning hair. You can easily control hair loss with this effective hair loss product. Get more information on this product through this link, .

Magnetic Hair Brush

To improve the blood circulation in your head area and stimulate hair growth, this 1000 Gauss Magnetic Hair Brush will not disappoint you. Manufactured by Magnetic Products International, this magnetic hair brush contains a ring-shaped magnet, safely-encased in a durable, plastic shell. Based on Chinese beliefs, magnets can result to improved growth of hair follicles and users will certainly be surprised at how thick their hair can get after prolonged use. In addition to this, hair loss is stopped and its effects are reversed permanently. Sold for $34.24, you can purchase this product from online retailers like

Hair Loss Serum

People suffering from hair loss should know that one reason can be undernourished hair follicles. With NuHair Anti-Thinning Hair Serum, your hair follicles will no longer be prone to breakage. In addition to this, falling or thinning hair will be prevented and you will be amazed at the visible results after using this product for a couple of months. This hair loss serum contains jojoba oil and an herbal blend complex, specially-concocted for your hair. Using this product only involves applying at least 10 drops of the serum directly to the problem area. for more information, please visit

Topical Shading

Although there are many hair loss products in the market, some people prefer concealing the bald areas on their head instead of taking or applying hair loss treatments. If you want to cover these embarrassing patches, you can try Derm Match. It is a topical shading that lets you have instant hair. You do not even have to worry about re-applying. The product stays on even when you are swimming or brushing your hair. It can only be removed when you take your bath and shampoo your hair. For more information regarding this great product, you can check out

Cream Hair Concealer

If you prefer concealing your bald spot but hate the mess that comes with spray-on hair, you can always choose COUVRe. It is a colored cream that is designed to be unnoticeable. COUVRe will not show extreme contrast between your scalp and hair. It stays on even when raining and is not messy to apply. COUVre is perfect for people who have become conscious of their bald spots. Some users of this amazing product even claim that other people have not noticed their baldness, even after a very long time. To learn more about COUVRe, please check out

Remember that hair loss does not happen fast, and reversing it takes some time as well. Never lose hope! The abovementioned products and technologies can work wonders for you.
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Some guys are suckers and think being bald is bad.

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