Friday, November 09, 2007

Do you want a better chance? Learn how to dance

Put on your dancing shoes and tie those laces, and start thinking about joining a dancing school. If you want to woo your unfound love! Studies have shown that good dancers are more desirable than the ones who can’t dance.

When we’ve always looked at dancing as a recreation and a means to tone our bodies, scientists at Rutgers, New Jersey have for the first time linked dancing ability to mate in humans. Several dancers were asked to dance in front of an audience, with their face masked to avoid any considerations based on facial appearances. The audience evaluated the most desirable ones based on the dancing skills, and it was seen that the ones who were picked as the best and most desirable dancers.

The same experiment was repeated by isolating the dance movements from variables, such as attractiveness, clothing and body features by using motion-capture technology. Again the same dancers were desired most, even if they had used different dance moves. But it was seen that symmetric males received better scores than the females. This just shows that women notice these dance moves a lot more than the men.

We’ve all heard of animals and birds strutting and dancing to impress their mates, but it seems like humans too believe in dancing to impress a potential mate. So if you’re looking out to hook up with someone or get those jaw dropping stares when you walk into a room, rush to a dancing school so you can get all those prospective mates to drool on the dance floor as you sashay your way into their hearts.

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