Saturday, November 17, 2007

Electronic Paper Displays

Displays made with E Ink®'s Imaging Film are ideally suited for flexible display applications due to their thin form factor and inherent flexibility. E Ink's electronic ink is an image stable reflective display technology that uses ultra-low power but is easily read under any lighting condition including direct sunlight. Unlike liquid crystal displays, the image on E Ink displays looks the same from all viewing angles and will not distort when touched or flexed, making electronic ink the ideal display medium for flexible displays and portable devices.

E Ink currently offers all-plastic segmented cells that are flexible and comformable. These cells can be used in a range of applications from clocks and watches to electronic shelf displays and preprogrammed signage. While E Ink's display materials already enable fully flexible displays, flexible backplane technology for high-resolution, active matrix displays are in the development stage. Once these backplanes are widely available to display manufacturers we can expect to see the adoption of flexible displays in a number of applications requiring high resolution.

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