Sunday, November 18, 2007

Energy is food and food is life

I just looked and of course listened to Juan Enriquez speech.
Besides the explanations of what is the smart way to produce Alternative Energy using Biology he also explained why the price of oil can be so important.
The point is: All energy is nothing else than Solar energy, beginning with wood and coal and ending with oil.
The smart way to use it is not by burning it, but using the best Bioprocesses.
But the conclusion of the speech was by far, in my opinion, illuminating.
In the 70s we had a peak oil.
Answering to that we had the growth of many companies studying and producing alternative energy.
In answer to the competition the price of oil fell again.
And most of those companies studying alternative energy went bankruptcy.
And this is very likely to happen the moment the competition to oil will again be aggressive.
What could be the solution?
They should fix the price of oil to $30 $35 a barrel.
If the price drops, the State puts taxes on it, so that the price stays at $30 $35.
If the price goes up, the State takes away the taxes.
This will guarantee the companies which invest in research for alternative energy to have ALWAYS a business, so that there is a continuous investment in the research.

I would add that THIS is the only way to have, besides good advantages on the side of pollution, also good results on the side of peace.
Peace is guarantee the moment there is an equal balance among different countries of this world.
It is guaranteed when there is no country which can prevail on the other because of energy supply.
If Russia and the Middle East have the monopoly of energy, they will have the Monopoly in politics.
Because Energy is food and food IS LIFE.
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