Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fond of commercials? This post is for you

Being able to watch a collection of different commercials in one place is something that the general public has definitely been looking forward to having the ability to do. This day and age, commercials are not only advertising tools, but a part of pop culture as well. Look at how many people watch the Super Bowl every year just to see which company comes up with the best commercial/advertising campaign. This desire for “desirable advertising” is something that the newly established FirebrandTV, an AHLLC client, has been able to capitalize on. The site gives consumers interactive access to their favorite brands, products and promotions, right at their finger tips. Almost the same way MTV plays popular videos, FirebrandTV streams the most popular commercials that are out today. They also boast a sizeable archive of some of the greatest vintage commercials and great international commercials not aired in the (some of the funniest commercials come from overseas). Another thing that gives Firebrand considerable appeal is the personalization tools that allow users to create their own “playlists” and share their favorite spots. And for those unsure of what they are truly interested in, the site has “Commercial Jockey’s”, or CJ’s, that compile commercials almost in an art form and guide users through different spots, contests and promotions. The success of the site seems to merely depend on how fast the word gets out. The site already has a built in revenue model. What advertiser wouldn’t pay to get their ads seen by people who are actively looking to watch them? As the site grows in popularity, they will be able to charge more for space. It is also a good chance that companies will use the site to pre-release potential commercial pilots to get feedback on them before they launch them on their mass marketing campaigns. On the mobile front, FirebrandTV has unmarked potential. With its high-quality, short videos and attractive interface, FirebrandTV will surely become a popular mobile device visit as the site progresses. For a better feel of this great new site and updates on what the future holds for FirebrandTV, go check out and you will see exactly why I am so excited about this ground breaking media trend-setter.

by Kevin Donlan
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