Thursday, November 01, 2007

A green environment and a new way to approach winter

Today I read the big news I was chasing since long.
They are developing a new line of clothing with batteries self recharging.
They are also talking about using them mainly for military.
I guess the best would be making clothes for ordinary people for ordinary Winters.
You won't need to warm your house or offices or cars.
As we say, when you, yourself are warm, all is warm.
The cost will be reduced to the minimum, big oil and gas and whatever savings!!!
I just hope somebody will understand it soon...

PERTH: Australian researchers are developing a new line of clothing that will power small electronic devices and automatically recharge through movement.

"It will look like an ordinary garment but have extraordinary capabilities," said principal scientist Adam Best, of the government research body CSIRO's Energy Technology Division. "As the person wearing the garment moves, the vibrations they create can be harvested and channelled into recharging the battery or powering plug-in electronic devices."

Cosmos Magazine
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