Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How happy we were, when we were unhappy!

What I learned from Life

The clear sign of aging is not in the wrinkles of your face, or in the cellulite on your legs or in the transformation your body has gone through, it is in giving more space to the past than to the future.
The more so, the older you are.
Till you get to the point where future doesn't exist anymore and the past has got a Page Rank of 10.
And the past is ALWAYS much nicer than what it used to be or what it actually was.
Because you see it with other eyes, the eyes of somebody who doesn't expect anything anymore from life, somebody who finally understood that dreams and expectations belong to somebody else and the present is very dear and precious, because it lasts so little and in a few seconds is past.
Wisdom belongs to old people, because they have nothing else anymore.
Because wisdom is in looking what you have and NOT what you don't have.
Wisdom is being able to enjoy your present and not spoiling it with an impossible future.
Wisdom is understanding that the happiness you dreamed doesn't exist, but it is in what you are and what you think and what you feel. So, you'd better think good and feel good.
Wisdom is what is left when your pretty face became an old woman's face, when you realize you run a little bit slower and you walk a little bit slower and you talk a little bit slower and you write a little bit slower.
Wisdom is realizing that it doesn't matter how slow you get, as long as you can see more, look more, hear more and listen more.
Wisdom is realizing you have a lot of time and you enjoy it.
Wisdom is liking to do the things you can do and not chasing the unreachable.
Wisdom is what is left of you and what you grab to, to feel alive.
Wisdom is a need of being old, as much as dreaming is a need of being young.
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