Sunday, November 04, 2007

How palyboying around

You certainly are one of those who believe that the aim of life is to have a nice time, go to nice places, meet nice people, and have the women you fancy for.
Of course having a nice time means to have two more drinks daily than you can carry, nice places are the bedrooms of great hotels, intimate little clubs, night clubs and private houses with comfortable king-sized beds.
And you also believe that there are just two big loves that last all your life: the love for food and the love for somebody else’s wife.
You have to develop your charm with the greatest care.
Sneer at everything you are not intelligent enough to understand.
You might flirt with anybody's wife, but respect the ties of illegitimate friendship.
Respect also the ties of legitimate bounds (as your own marriage for example).
And if the car is not registered in your name avoid cheating unless you can do it in a very secretive way.
The latest advice is:beware of a woman scorned, since it recently happened that a delude wife, who had the car in her name, put it on sale in the Internet Leader in the UK for Car Sales. Many thousands of people place their private used car adverts on the site, so she was able to sell it immediately!
So, if you do not care to loose your wife, but you care for your car, avoid cheating, unless, of course, you have your car in your name...

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