Friday, November 09, 2007

The importance of Social Media

Society's dependence on computers, is a "no turning back" point.
But what is far more addictive in computing?
Of course the Internet and mostly what they call "social media"
I guess it began with Napster.
Exchanging files was also exchanging ideas and likings and disliking on music.
It was a thrilling experience as well as addictive.
Because the Internet is so huge and the number of users is millions, so many you won't be able to meet (non even a small part) in all your lifetime.
That makes any social media so exciting, because it is new everyday.
The new and thrilling aspect of the Internet was that, unlike any media since its dawn, it was built by the users, the content was so different and so multiflavored, because it didn't come from one broadcaster, but everyone added a small piece.
A clear example of what I say is the iContact Community, a community that in three days after launch already can count 120,000 registered members and 212,000 pieces of content.
It's a digg like community, where members can publish posts, tag and categorize their newsletters and blogs.
Of course the best gets the most.
They can also discuss interesting topics in the forum and find new publishers who are creating email newsletters, RSS feeds, and blogs about topics they are interested in.
But that is not all.
Everyone who wants to sell something knows how important Marketing is.
Maybe you already tried several of the traditional methods, but were not happy with the results.
Now in the high noon of the internet you may even have tried Email marketing.
It sounds easy, but it is not as it involves many important tasks.

First of all you need contact addresses of your customers or of people who might be interested in your products.
These must be created and managed in an intelligent way.
There must also be a way to collect them from your website.

Having done all this, the next step would be sending a message to all those addresses – either to all
of them or to a selected range among them.
A difficult part is always to find the right words to get your message out.

The next step would be sending the message to your audience.
You could use your Email program you have already installed on your PC.
Doing so you may face many problems.

At the end, of course, you also would like to know how successful your efforts were.

To avoid a lot of hassle – why not ask for professional help?
One of the real professionals in this field is iContact .

iContact has helpful tools for all the necessary tasks, like :

- for Managing Your contacts
- for Creating Messages
- for Sending and Deliverability
- for Reporting and Tracking

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