Friday, November 09, 2007

Lifelong learning IS e-learning

The standard list of applications of the Internet consists of e-education, e-medicine, e-government, e-commerce, and e-entertainment.
Those are the same applications that were reasons for building the "Information Superhighway" a decade ago.
Some have developed well, (primarily e-commerce), while e-education, e-medicine, and e-government and others in ways different than envisaged (with e-entertainment consisting so far primarily of illicit swapping of copyrighted music files instead of paid services).
Broadband is a great technology. However, it is poorly understood, both as to how best to deliver it, and how it will be used.
Broadband, by enabling telecommunication, is encouraging the evolution and the progress and helping the boost of the economy in areas which would be declining.
The boost of Economy is, in my personal view, the direct consequence of a good education, and the aim of the Internet should still be what it was created for: online, lifelong learning.
The workers of the future will have to face it: as fast as technology and consequently our life is changing, as much their knowledge must follow it.
A lifelong learning is getting a must, especially among those whose job is using the current technology.
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If lifelearning is the need, e-learning is the answer.
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