Friday, November 09, 2007

A new technology to help the housewife

The job of a housewife is one of the more frustrating jobs I know.
Because as soon as you are finished you have to begin again.
Because perfection is a word that doesn't exist in daily works' dictionary, and in spite of what it can look is quite a heavy job.
One of the biggest task is dusting and cleaning the floors.
Good that technology comes to her rescue, always with new and helping gadgets.
A big revolution it the task of keeping the house clean was the invention of the vacuum cleaner and the new Dyson vacuum cleaner models are a good application of the innovative invention.


Because the vacuum cleaner separates dirt and dust from the air by centrifugal force and collecting it in a bin. This means a Dyson doesn't rely on a bag or filter and doesn't lose suction.
It's the only vacuum cleaner that works like a vacuum cleaner should.
And allows you to save a lot, since you do not have to invest in a new bag every time you fill the old.
Besides Dyson technology captures particles as small as pollen, bacteria and mould spores. That's why the air a Dyson expels has 150 times less pollen, bacteria and mould spores than the air you breathe.
Of course this is a very good news for people suffering from allergy (and their number is daily growing).
Last and not least important Dyson vacuum cleaners are built to last, are covered by five years guarantee and you can enjoy an assistance of a team of expert 7 days a week!
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