Saturday, November 10, 2007

A "read only" culture

Do we want a copyrights proof "read only", or we want a "read/write" or "read now and write later" culture?

First we should define what we mean for culture.
If culture is the sum of the knowledge of a generation, then copyrights are a word without meaning.
Since the Dawn of Humanity Every generation handed to the next one its culture, its discoveries, so that we never start from scratch and evolve from where they finished.
That IS the reason of our life.
We are born, we occupy a space in this Planet, and as long as we live, we are destined to pursue a goal, which is living and changing and discovering and participating in the common culture.
One of our duties is sharing our knowledge.

Culture is not a dead statment, culture is evolution, and there is no evolution without sharing, of ideas, of discoveries.
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