Monday, November 12, 2007

Safer online

1) Protect your PC

Use a firewall
Firewalls keep out some viruses and hackers

Install anti-virus software
Prevent virus infections

Get the latest Windows updates
Keep your applications and operating system fit and healthy

Stop spyware
Don’t let strangers get inside your computer

Make regular backups
Protect your data from disaster

Secure wireless networks
Without protection, Wi-Fi (wireless) networks are vulnerable

Stop unwanted email
Spam email is a security threat and a pain in the neck

Browse the internet safely
Make your browser safe and avoid dodgy websites

2) Protect yourself

Bank online safely
Avoid the risk of identity theft and protect your bank details

Shop online safely
How to pick trustworthy online retailers and avoid scams

Use online auctions safely
Avoid scams, buy and sell with confidence

Set ground rules for children
Talk to your children to help keep them safe online

Protect children from online threats
When children go online they face new dangers and need more protection

Use strong passwords
Your passwords are the keys to your internet life

Don't let thieves steal your computer
Take care of laptops and PCs

Don't fall for advance fee fraud
Cons that play on people’s greed

3)Protect your business

Write a plan
How to write a good business security plan

Strengthen physical security
Don’t let thieves ruin your business

Look after servers
Servers need extra care and security

Control access to critical information
Protect information with a need-to-know policy

Find advice and support
How to choose a business-class IT partner

Secure remote access
How to protect links between mobile workers and the office

Train staff
Staff training is critical to business security

Write good staff policies
Employees should pay as much attention to online security as you do

Use encryption
Encrypt important information for extra security

Prevent corporate fraud
Protect your business from online crooks

Stop employees cyberslacking
Don’t let your employees waste time online

Comply with the Data Protection Act
Make sure that you are legally compliant

Prevent data theft using removable devices
Be wary of portable storage devices

Keep your online shop safe
How to avoid the pitfalls of taking your business online

Trade safely on eBay
Take advantage of the eBay marketplace, stay safe and avoid the fraudsters

Prevent corporate identity theft
Stealing company identities is on the rise.

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