Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sash windows

I love English houses.

First because most of them have small cute gardens, all well kept and blooming.
Of course the merit is not only on the owner's part, the weather is a great advantage.
You do not have to water so much and flowers just love to be wet and not too hot...

Second because of their windows.
There is nothing I like best than sash windows, also because they are usually on Georgian Style homes and that is my style.
The good on those windows is that you can have brand new ones looking just like the old.
Take for example the double glazed uPVC replacement windows they have the Elegant traditional design, but being made in advanced uPVC have all the excellent features of any modern window.
Those are: They never need painting (and who ever owned a wood one knows what that means...), they can be tilted inwards to allow for easy cleaning (and if you ever cleaned windows you know what I mean...),each sliding sash is counter sprung to glide smoothly up and down, and stay open in any position (if you have children you understand this too..).
Besides they are perfectly secure and keep the cold out and the warmth in.
Well, if you need new windows and you have a nice old looking English house, you are really lucky, because they are also cheaper than the traditional wood ones...
But if you like another kind, you still find the best selection at Anglian and also the best offers.
What about ten year guarantee? Or NO VAT?
I guess it pays to have a look...
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