Monday, November 12, 2007

Shopping online: a big saving of money and time.

Why having a shop online is MUCH more profitable than a traditional one?

1) Easy and speed of transaction.
2) Large amount of information.
3) The chance for the shoppers to compare multiple products at once.
4) A minimum investment.
5) The possibility to work from home and no need of stuff.
6) Letting your computer deal with the customers.
7) The chance to be inventive and creative.

The success of your shop depends almost 100% from yourself .
And also from your ability of taking advantage of all the possibilities the Internet can offer.
For example let's compare a traditional music shop to the same online.
Online you can have the advantage to offer your customers all what they can dream and get just with a click of the mouse.
That is locating the gender of music, the artist, that particular song.
Providing informations about the release dates, the concerts, the prices.
Offering to listen to a part of the CD or to browse for similar ones.
All in their home, in front of their computer.
But for all this and for having a good success, of course, you also need the best ecommerce software to manage all the tasks.
Imagine: one software, paid once, can do all the job of many employees, at no monthly cost!
For example with the right shopping cart the customers can shop all over your virtual store, virtually filling it with all they want to buy and deciding later what they want to purchase.
This is an important kind of freedom that shoppers love.
I personally like to put aside what I am interested in and decide later if and how much I am willing to spend.
That's something you wouldn't do in a normal shop.
Shopping online is a big saving of money and time, that is why, in my opinion, will sooner or later replace almost completely (for most of the articles) the traditional shops.
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