Thursday, November 08, 2007

The side effects of having a mother when you are more than fifty

I am more than fifty (I do not go into details) and there is nothing wrong with my age and me.
I was born earlier and so I am older...
The only pain of aging is needing more caring, and if you are lucky enough to still have a mother she is probably around or over eighty and she needs more care than you.
Not only a telephone call every day that lasts around one, one and a half hours, in which you talk about the virtues of spinach, how difficult to digest are egg plants and how long are getting the nights and shorter the days, how impolite is this friend or the others, how the weather gets chilly in Autumn and so hot in Summer...
One would think that after one and a half hour you have enough for the whole week.
One would be mistaken.
Because he forgets how old people can repeat the same things one million times and still have something left to talk about...
But, too bad, that is not all.
Old mother get easily sick and what do no more young daughters do?
If they are not so young daughters who still are aware of technology and use it, the problem is solved.
They just need to go online and search for a website which deals with crucial questions about care for themselves or their loved ones, things like a nursing home if you need one, or arranging the right kind of care: care at home / residential care / finance.
You can also browse the section of Frequently Asked Questions about social care, and to fact sheets on care assessments and complaints.
But you can also find news and views, your daily information on topical caring issues and healthy living tips.(if your mother has a little experience with this could be the most interesting part for her).
You could find new subjects to discuss about...
And what about a discussion forum?
If Granny is looking for the right website for her, she has found it
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