Saturday, November 03, 2007

There are no ugly women

Helena Rubinstein used to say: "There are no ugly women, only lazy ones".
And I agree with her 100%.
The same applies to men and to old age.
Many look at old age as something justifying ugliness, I don't.
I think every age has its beauty and if it doesn't you can "help" a little bit.
Especially now a days with so many helps from new technologies.
One of the problem which we are used to see exclusively as men's problem, but that occurs also to women, is the loss of hair.
Nothing can make a pretty face uglier than the loss of its enhancement, which is a nice and shiny hair.
Once you were almost condemned to be almost hopeless, unless you wore one of those ugly and ridiculous wig, which in many cases made the problem even worse, since you could see it miles away.
But today, with the possibility of hair transplant you can get back your look in a few hours.
The only important thing is to choose the right place to have it done.
Athair transplant in florida you go through several important steps.
First you discuss it with Dr. Shapiro in person.
They do not have salesmen.
This is very important, because you can discuss about: designing your hairline, getting the right answers regarding your hair loss, viewing a surgical procedure, meeting with previous patients, deciding the number of grafts and the cost involved, learning about free payment plan.
Then the operation will be performed by Dr. Shapiro with the assistance of his caring and knowledgeable staff.
Within 14 days sutures will be painlessly removed.
And there you'll be: with a wonderful, shiny, glossy hair, better than the one you once had!
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