Monday, November 12, 2007

Unhappy at work? Tips to be more happy

Being happy at work depends on various things, such as the environment, the people and the type of work. This article points out 5 tips that one should follow in order to be happier at work.

Choose to be happy at work

Most of the time, being happy is a matter of choice. Some people decide to be sad while others make their utmost to be happy no matter what happens. I know, it sounds stupid but it is not. In order to be happy you have to decide that from now on you will look at your work with a different perspective. Start looking from a more positive angle at your work and you will see that everything will improve.

Iterate between tasks you like and those you don’t

Nobody enjoys his work from A to Z. There are some tasks that one enjoys doing more than others. In order to keep yourself happy, motivate yourself through annoying stuff by knowing that you will spend some time everyday working on stuff that you enjoy. Obviously, you will need to prioritise your to do list.

Be responsible in your profession

Don’t be passive in your work. Most of the people do not enjoy what they do since they become passive and eventually get bored at work. Be active and professional in whatever you do and good results will follow.

Ask for feedback

Ask for feedback from both your colleagues and your boss. If you do your job well, everyone will give you positive feedback. Use this to your advantage to boost your morale at work. The higher your morale, the better you will perform, and thus you will get more positive feedback. The idea is to create a positive feedback loop.

Learn how to say ‘No’

Some people never say ‘No’ with the consequence of getting assigned impossible tasks. Dealing with impossible tasks will stress you out and hence make you uncomfortable at work. Learn how to say no even to your boss. It shows professionalism in what you do. Your boss expects you to say no for impossible tasks, since it will help him to do better decision making, and he will respect you because of this.

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