Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What is College for?

"How many times were you told to make sure you worked hard in high school so you could go to college and get a good career job? Okay, maybe not all of you got nagged about it, but probably a good portion of today’s generation of adults did.

It’s natural to wonder whether college is really necessary. A college degree, as many have found, is no guarantee of a good career. On the flipside, there are many successful entrepreneurs who didn’t need their college education and become millionaires anyway. Here are fifteen of them, both contemporary and from the past, in alphabetical order.


Education can help you to get a good job or can't.
But surely it helps you to live better.
The more you know the better you understand of Arts, Music, Literature and Life.
What is lacking, in my opinion, in the American school is a basic, general culture.
That is something you learn in High School.
American schools are too specialized, too early.
If you do not learn certain things in school you'll never learn them later in life.
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