Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who controls the web?

What does it mean to "control the Web"? As I've argued many times the existence of ICANN encourages people to see the Internet as another television network. It may be necessary to keep a rickety prototype going a little longer but it would help for ICANN be more explicit in discouraging the view that it "runs the Internet". More to the point it can help remind people that end-to-end means not depending on the DNS nor IPv6.

There's a natural tendency to take a hierarchical view of the world and assume someone must be in charge. Too bad ICANN seems to revel in the role rather than working to minimize it.

Bob Frankston

Apparently it is exactly like that.
Nobody owns the Internet but the Internet's users.
In reality, if you handle the DNS, it is kind of ruling it.
At least they rule what everybody would like to rule: the profitable part.
And that is where the fight is.
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