Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Why do WE blog?

Because we like it, of course.
But WHY do we like it?
I personally am NOT a great talker, but I like to write.
There is a huge difference between the two.
First: for talking you need to be two, one who talks, another one who listens.
For blogging you just need to be one, but you ALWAYS dream to be millions.
One who blogs and MILLIONS who read.
And if the millions are not there?
Nobody really cares (at least we say so, for an innate humbleness)and besides, the post is already there and you got a good excuse to write another one.
This time better, something that won't go unread, something many will like and so on.
And if this one follows the previous?
Nobody cares (the usual reason), but then a BLOG is made of many posts and it needs time to be found and digged and stumbled and whatever.
Second: you do not need a voice or any kind of sound.
You do not need to show, you do not need to answer.
You do not need to keep the conversation.
You can write a few words or a full poem.
You can stop and you can begin again.
You can post at 12 PM or at 3 AM or whenever you feel like.
Third: you do not need any kind of permission.
You can say everything you fancy, also bad words.
You cannot say: if you do not like it, you can avoid hearing.
But you can say: if you don't like it, you can also NOT READ.

Reading is something you decide to do, hearing is something you cannot avoid.
Talking is something you can avoid, blogging is something you cannot live without...
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