Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don´t pay more for what you can have for less

Moving small furniture or heavy tools has got so expensive that sometimes it costs more than the goods you have to move.
A few years ago, for example, my husband got a job in London.
We decided to rent a furnished apartment, nevertheless the things we had to move were more than a few suitcases and still not enough to justify a real moving.
The best solution was renting a van, that we managed to fill with all the stuff we thought "very useful" for our future life in London.
I must say that on the price a big amount was the insurance, even though we rented it just for a few days.
But now you can have good prices on Van Insurance depending on the use you are going to have of your van.
They talk about 70% less...
Of course it is a different matter if you use your van for a commercial use.
If you use a van for transporting goods or passengers for reward, hiring a van, or use of the van for paid driving instruction, then you require commercial van insurance for its use.
The transporting of goods can include the delivery of items such as plants or moving goods from a supplier to your shop.
Although you feel your van isn't used for commercial use, some insurers can provide insurance only for transporting light goods which can help you to save money.
This is what Net Insurance is for.
Providing you an insurance that fits with all your needs and covers everything for the lowest possible amount of money.
As one of the country's largest independently owned van insurance brokers, over the years they have formed excellent relationships with many of the UK's leading insurers. The policies they offer are individually tailored to meet the demands of the policyholder.
They offer an immediate quoting service and provide an immediate call back within minutes from a van insurance specialist.
You can also have an online quote, and they assure the Cheapest offer or your money back.
Well, I think it pays off to enquire, may be you will be pleasantly surprised…
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