Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sun, I love you

The solar energy is one of the many examples of how a restricted number of monopolists rules the world to the point they do not allow progress because it would mean no profit for them.
Let’s take Saudi as an example.
(I am quoting Rubbia´s words, Rubbia is a Nobel Prize physician)
The amount of energy that could be produced with the sun in that region is 1000 times bigger than the amount produced by the oil which is extracted there.
We consume in one year the oil produced in 1 million years.
The solar energy is there and will be there forever (or almost), while oil will finish soon.
One would think that the main investment in countries like Italy should be in solar energy production.
It isn’t.
Because solar energy would mean a distributed production, no power for the monopolists, no taxes for the State.
And we have to consume oil, to pollute the Globe, because a bunch of crooks HAS to make money out of it.
We have to create sick people in order to have a "healthy" economy...
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