Friday, July 10, 2009

The secret to well being is very often having the right SPA

Very often the things in life that make you feel good are more affordable than what you think.
For example, what is better, after an intensive day work, than finding again your strength having a long and pleasant session in a hot tub?
For $2,899.00 (sale price) you can buy a 2 person Hot Tub, which is a portable spa, where you can warm up and relax, enjoying a romantic time with your loved one...
Its name is "Cozy nest" and it really is what it promises, a nest and a very cozy one...
You can also have an optional stereo system, which you can control with the Spa Genie™ one-touch digital control system.
Music can be the lacking element in the scene...
What could be better than something like this as an anniversary gift?
In alternative to diamonds or things you would enjoy much less?
With this you can have an Island escape whenever you can and feel like...
Have a romantic evening for two, or a relaxing moment for one...
Or if you are looking for a great way to keep in shape and your budget is someway bigger you can buy for $23,999.00 a large Swim Spa Pool.
Here you can have your water aerobics and fitness, with a separated area for just a relaxing hot tub spa.
You have two separate temperatures which allow you to enjoy a warm hot tub spa while swimming and improving your lap times with a cooler water temperature.
But this is not all, you also get 2 hydrotherapeutic hot seats and a full massage lounger.
If you ever had in mind to invest in your wellness this is the right moment.
But as we say: "Cogli l´attimo fuggente", do not wait too long, sales, like dreams, last just a short time...
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