Friday, July 10, 2009

Weakness of hair very often becomes baldness...

Weakness of hair very often becomes baldness.
And what to do then?
You have many solutions.
You can ignore it, accepting it as a natural outcome of growing old.
But you also have to avoid mirrors and mundane events and may be success with the other sex.
Because, believe me, it is not true that what counts is what is inside, it counts also how you wrap and present the inside.
In a few word, if there is ugliness outside, people of today tend to believe that there is not so much concern inside.
As you like to look nice, you also like to look better.
Hair usually plays a big role.
You can have wrinkles, an ugly nose, a round face, but if you have a good looking hair that can help a lot...
A wig, even if a good one, very often doesn’t replace what you had and looks so fake that I personally prefer bald.
If you do something, you have to do the right thing.
Some people just resign themselves to ugliness because they think that Hair Replacement Surgery costs a fortune, too much for their budget.
So they give up even before enquiring.
But sometimes the Hair Transplant Cost can be a big surprise.
You could even realize that you can actually afford it.
What you will certainly realize later is that it really makes a difference in your life.
And it is a permanent difference!
There are many bad sides in growing old, (as there can be many good) do not let baldness be one of them...
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