Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Italy´s future

In my not so short life I have witnessed several unchanging behaviors in my country that could survive every color of government: left, right, center.
The first is the Mafia that every freshly elected politician promises to defeat, but that is still there, more than alive.
The second is the tax evasion which follows inflation.
When I was a teenager we talked about billions of liras, now we talk about billions of Euros.
The third is the political corruption.
This doesn’t follow inflation, but anticipates it.
The fourth is the number of invalids.
When I was little I used to think we were a very unlucky country, since we had so many invalids.
The fifth is the Italians fantasy, always fresh and alive, even though it doesn’t produce results.
We create the problems and obviously we do not solve them.
Why would we create them otherwise?
We have a better solution: if you cannot solve a problem, try to be a part of it.
Very soon we will have: 100% Mafiosi who do not pay taxes, invalids or related to an invalid, who live with pensions they got from corrupted politicians.
It is good we still have Europe...
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