Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is America too big to fail?

What happens now is nothing else than what happened in 1930.
Instead of stocks people borrowed money to buy houses that they would have sold in the very near future getting double than what they invested, paying back loans and having a good profit.
That is what I did in London.
Instead of paying the rent I bought a house borrowing money, selling it one year later with 50.000 pounds profit.
I was lucky I sold it in 2003.
If I had done the same in 2008 now I would find myself in the position to pay a mortgage which would be much higher than the house´s value.
What most people fail to understand is that it cannot go forever growing...that a house after being over evaluated can loose its value, that the number of buyers lowers when prices get too high compared to the income.
But there is a very simple way out of it: devaluating the dollar.
And this will happen.
The houses´value will be the same, but much lower, the wages will be the same, but more people will have a job, because it won´t be profitable to import from China.
America will begin to produce again, the standard of living will lower (but people have to understand that what is nice is not always granted).
Well, America is too big to fail.
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