Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to become (almost) a Movie Star.

Do you want to be a movie star?

Or just a lookalike...?

Would you like to be in a real movie, but you have no means to make it (no good camera, no ideas...)

Let HP do it for you.

Do what I DID.

Create your own HP Be a Star Video at HP- Be A Star.


Send over Your links to me.

And, of course look at my video...

The one there is the real me, a few years ago...

I was on the set of the Godfather 2.

Yes the one of Coppola, one of the most famous and good Movies I ever saw.

That house, the one that in the movie is the Lake Tahoe residence of Michael (the son of the Godfather) belonged to my grandfather´s brother, (the name of the place was Fleur du Lac) John Demaria and was sold to Coppola for THAT movie.

The Gazebo was built just for the movie, for the Godfather´s daughter wedding.

Do you remember?

I was there when they were preparing it, and took this picture.

The place is amazing and the water so blue...

My grandfather´s brother was from Italy (not Corleone) and emigrated to America in the same period of Vito Corleone.

He was very handsome, looked a lot like Marlon Brando...

The movies´story is Not his story, but could have been...

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