Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to become (almost) a Movie Star.

Do you want to be a movie star?

Or just a lookalike...?

Would you like to be in a real movie, but you have no means to make it (no good camera, no ideas...)

Let HP do it for you.

Do what I DID.

Create your own HP Be a Star Video at HP- Be A Star.


Send over Your links to me.

And, of course look at my video...

The one there is the real me, a few years ago...

I was on the set of the Godfather 2.

Yes the one of Coppola, one of the most famous and good Movies I ever saw.

That house, the one that in the movie is the Lake Tahoe residence of Michael (the son of the Godfather) belonged to my grandfather´s brother, (the name of the place was Fleur du Lac) John Demaria and was sold to Coppola for THAT movie.

The Gazebo was built just for the movie, for the Godfather´s daughter wedding.

Do you remember?

I was there when they were preparing it, and took this picture.

The place is amazing and the water so blue...

My grandfather´s brother was from Italy (not Corleone) and emigrated to America in the same period of Vito Corleone.

He was very handsome, looked a lot like Marlon Brando...

The movies´story is Not his story, but could have been...

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Anonymous said...


My folks were married in southern Italy 60 years ago and are still alive and well. I live in Florida, am a carpenter, real estate and mortgage broker. I have built houses in New England and sets for feature films and TV in New York.

I ended up here after looking up, "O learn to read what silent love has writ, To hear with eyes belongs to love's fine wit."

I want nothing more than to write romantic screenplays with a partner and bring love's fine wit to anyone who will have it.



Patrizia said...


these words, written 500 years ago are so actual and true.
Being able to see with your eyes really is love´s fine wit...
I wish you will find the woman to enjoy your screen plays.
Best luck