Tuesday, January 25, 2011


When a child is born it can rely on his anchestral memories, the instinct transmitted through the DNA, the memory of the ones who lived before him.
That memory is limited to what is necessary to survive.
It is seeing and listening that he forms its first images of the world and stores them in the brain.
Then seeing and imitating he understands who he is, he has his first glimse of the SELF.
We are superior to dogs and other animals not only because our brain is more complex, but also because we live longer.
Our mind development is a life long experience, every minutes we live we add a little piece.
Communication is a huge part in our life.
If we didn´t communicate we wouldn´t even realize how and what we are.
Our self is this compared to that abd it is this thanks to the fact that we see and we communicate.
Everything is a "relation", this is big compared to that or thick or thin compared to the other one...there is nothing that is absolutely this or that.
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