Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A much better quality on your screen

Many of the movies we download fail to be the quality we would like to enjoy.
We are so used now to high quality pictures that it is quite annoying looking at something that doesn’t look good.
Many years ago we used to register music on tapes and it sounded quite good to our unsophisticated ears.
But if I listen NOW to those tapes (or look at the videos registered many years ago) I ask myself how we could enjoy it...
Luckily technology comes at our rescue with something that "magically" transforms a bad picture in a good one.
Ever heard of PixelProtector?
It is nothing else than a screen calibration and screen burn removal tool for all types of LCD, LED, Plasma and Projection TV screens.
What is a screen calibration?
It is a tool that simply allows you to accurately adjust your screen to its full potential, and doing so, displaying your pictures at its best.
The phosphor compounds which emit light to produce images can create a permanent ghost-like image of the projected images and so reduce quality of the displayed image.
This goes under the name of screen burn.
PixelProtector DVD and Blu-ray has exclusive tools to remove the screen burn.
I do not understand it perfectly, but I honestly do not care.
What I see is a much better quality on my screen and THAT is what matters to me
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