Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Rock-fell-er and Rotsh-ild-in: the new Bilderberg of the near future.

If there was still somebody ignoring the future of the Dollar and the Euro, this morning, reading what is going on in the world scene, can have a clear view of their future.
Chinese are buying the State Bonds of Spain (as they already did with Portugal and Greece) in EURO.
America is NOT a good customer anymore (the customer without money is NOT a good customer) while Europe is relatively a good market, at least for the near future.
The big problem of the Chinese regarding the dollar (what made them lenders beyond any rational behavior)was the fear of losing a big market where to sell their over production.
How could they lose their bigger customer?
But Europe is even a bigger market, with its 450.000.000 people (the Americans are 307,006,550).
The procedure is the same; I buy your bonds with my merchandise.
They will have a triple result: they can dump the dollar, they can go on producing, they can win any competition that could arise if a weak dollar means better priced american goods.
The European WILL HAVE to buy from China, MUTUAL agreements...
We won’t be slave of the Rockellfellers anymore, but it will be just the same.
Names change, but the reality doesn’t.
That is the price you pay when you exchange freedom for "comfort".
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