Thursday, March 17, 2011


"But any stable ethical structure begins at home. And in this they are supreme."
Yes you are right.
There is one thing they invented and it is a great thing, it is called politeness.
Very often helps people not to at each other and having good relationship.
If you are polite and generous, generally you are successful with people.
As for the aids you send to Africa, if this can in some way make you feeling better, Americans (and Europeans and Chinese etc.) NEVER do anything for nothing.
That is why in Africa they are still fighting a backward.
NOBODY has any interest to teach them to be civilized, more than ever now that they discovered a lot of minerals and oil...
It is much easier to steal from ignorant people.
And if they are so stupid to fight among tribes, the better.
Romans invented it and that was the only way to keep such a huge Empire.
But I am still the idea that globalization is NOT the evil they prospect.
I always say: if we paid the bananas the right price (and no big corporation made millions on them) then the Africans would buy computers, fridges and cars.
Globalization means I sell and buy, you sell and buy, I produce, you produce, we exchange.
Very simple, but lacks one big element that drives today’s economy: where would the Big Corporations profit be?
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