Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A little bit of fantasy can make up for the lack of funds...

Being on a show is one of the most interesting and exhausting thing I ever did in my life.
It usually lasted a few days, but they were so intense, time just went by so fast!
It all begins months before when you have to decide what you are going to propose and how.
Then, when you have decided for the pictures, you need the right pop up displays.
They are made with Aluminum, easy to carry and to mount and come in many shapes and prices.
Usually in a trade show pop up you look for the right size, the right impact and the right price.
Of course the right price is the one that fits in your budget.
If you have a small company your pop up trade show displaysare usually not so big, they have to fit the booth and so also the price can be affordable.
You can also order pop up booths with lights, graphics, shelving, LCD monitor holders and more.
Of course it all depends on how much you can spend.
But sometimes a little bit of fantasy can make up for the lack of funds...
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