Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Fly Zone

No Fly zone means a place where you cannot fly.
The 1973 Nato resolution concerns exactly this.
Applied to Lybia means that nothing should be able to fly there.
The first French mission bombed the flying tanks of Ghaddafi.
The flying tank is a Ghafaddafi´s special invention, his secret weapon, something like Hitler´s V2.
Sarkozy was not deceived.
The second mission, Anglo-American destroyed TRIPOLI AND SIRTE; especially concentrating on Ghaddafi´s flying bunker.
Witnesses swear that Khamis, Ghaddafi´s son, was killed while trying to escape like Icaro, flying with false wings, violating the Nato resolution.
Should a hospital try to escape flying, you can be sure a tomahawk will immediately stop it.
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