Thursday, March 03, 2011

When "Humanitarism" has nothing to do with humanity

We are on the verge of a big war.
Big because when US are loosing with traditional weapons will try to win with Atomic weapons.
People of the world, especially you, American people, do not fall in the trap.
What US and Britain have in mind has nothing to do with humanitarism, it is but one of the déjàvu ways to arrive to the oil source.
Apart the moral aspect of a war, this won’t even be an economical gain for the US citizens.
As usual, they will have to pay for a new war which won’t bring any advantage to them.
A few corporations will get huge profits, but how many people will have to die for them?
Remember the pyramid has a few on the top and millions on the bottom.
The millions should decide what to do with their own life.
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