Wednesday, April 18, 2012

If you sell locally, you should be local

Once there were the Yellow pages.
When you needed to find a business in your area you looked in them and you had an alphabetical list, no pictures, no description, just the telephone number and the address.
You didn’t have so much to decide which to choose.
I guess that there were two kinds of customers:
1) The lazy ones that dialed the first number and so the business beginning with A had more chances.
2) The more scrupulous ones who read the whole list and decided in base of the location, the closer the better.
Both didn’t really guarantee you good results.
It was more a matter of luck than efficiency...
Then the Internet came and our lives changed completely.
You could really see what they offered, price, availability, other customer’s feedback and so on...
And the companies?
A good business is of course following the customers, be where they most probably will look for you.
So it was a must for everybody to have his own website, the more catching, the more successful...
But you can have the best site of the world, if you are not there, where and when they search for you and your business, it is like you didn’t exist.
Before, on the yellow pages you were one of many and now?
Now you have the best chances to be the "chosen one" if you know how.
And the how doesn’t mean ONLY to have a catching website, means also to be found.
And what about being a small company, who deals most locally?
You do not care if they can see your website in Paris, you care they see it where you live and work...
So, if you sell locally you must be local.
First looking for the best local SEO, which will care that your website is well prepared for the “authoritative” listing databases and primary local search engines.
They will achieve that with the right Local business marketingwhich includes also keeping the customers informed with search engines changes.
Since placement is everything, a poor local ranking will affect quite negatively your performance, remember, if they do not find you, you do not exist..
So a good and tailored local search engine marketing will certainly do the trick.
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