Friday, April 20, 2012

It is a wild world out there

It is a wild world out there, something you shouldn’t confront alone, if you want to be the winner.
In the beginning, when the Internet was "young" it was enough to have a nice website, to know a few basic rules and you were sure you could catch 100% of the customers looking for your business.
Then it became 95, 90, 80...and some can consider themselves lucky if they still get 10% of the traffic...
But sometimes 10% is not enough, especially if you are small and your potential customers are limited.
So, what to do?
One way, the optimal one, would be becoming a guru, learning all marketing tricks, how to be on the top and so on...
But after being on the top, you also have to learn HOW TO STAY on the top and that means a life long learning SEO and Marketing.
But who has the time, and more, let’s be honest, who has the skills?
Then there is the second option which in my opinion is the best.
For example you could let the job to a specialized company like
charlotte nc marketing.
What can they do for you?
They can "build" your brand online with SEO (search engine optimization) SEM (search engine marketing), web analytics(understand your web traffic), social media marketing,and small business marketing.
Not only your customers will find you, but you will be able to connect to them thanks to the Social Media.
You will learn how to approach purchase decisions in various industries, Why, would you ask?
To learn how to develop the right strategy to reach them with your message.
To learn how your message should be.
In the real world you can be a great seller, you know how to reach your customer, how to address him, what to say, how to smile.
Those are things you cannot do online.
You have to learn to use other means.
It is your website that talks to them, not you.
And you have to learn to talk to them through it.
It is a whole new world, and a wild one too.
It is not difficult to win; you just need to learn the right ways.
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