Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mr. Mario Monti

Mr. Monti,

I write to you in English, even though I am as Italian as you are.
This is my language since long, since I married a German.
I always considered myself as European and was quite proud of being one.

Not anymore.

You talk about countries losing sovereignty, I wouldn’t dislike it.
I would also prefer to be European before being Italian.
But I do not want this Europe
I want the Europe I was promised, the Europe where we citizens count, where we can vote, where we can decide.
I do not want a Europe where I count only as a number in a list, when I have to PAY.
I do not want to work for you, for the other European bourocrats, I do not want to give you the money to do the things that YOU want.
I want to be able to decide.

I do not want to be European of this Europe.
I do not want you.
I didn´t vote for you.
You are just an impostor, much worse than Mussolini.
Please, if you have a little bit of pride, understand that we do not want you, that we think you are destroying our country and our future.
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