Saturday, February 08, 2014

F##k EU: welcome to the real world of Geopolitics

Welcome to the real world of diplomacy behind close doors.
This is the proof of USA and EU behind other people's politic, this is what they care about democracy of other countries.
This is the new face of colonialism, the one adopted in all states of South America.
This is the proof of what since long time the government of UKRAINE suspected.
The USA and the EU are heavily involved and interferring with politics of that country.
That phone call undermines all claims of transparency, democracy building, THESE are all ideological efforts to influence politics in other countries.
This is what the USA has been doing for decades, it also shows how casually they can talk about politics of another country, where they have no legitimate way of influencing, this is what they do, this is the real way of geopolitics.
The real people are the real victims here, what the country would need is reconciliation, but the USA and EU make that compromise impossible, the Ukrainian people have no real option in the elite of both sides.
The people in the EU institution should really worry that they are second players.
The US doesn't regard the Europeans as allies, it is just corporate convenience, but when they choose, they will just drop them as easily...
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